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TOOVIA Reinvents Retail Commerce

TOOVIA C3 is the first of its kind technology platform for lifestyle brands to deliver a tailored and consistent experience to their customers across physical and digital worlds.

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TOOVIA C3 combines a suite of products — a revolutionary mobile Point-Of-Sale, a high tactile CRM built for high touch point consumers, and a breakthrough E-commerce application with built in search, email, content management and more — into one lightweight, yet powerful mobile application. TOOVIA C3 also introduces a Search-based Analytics interface, pioneering a new way to understand, engage and service your customers across channels.

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Take your sales beyond Point-Of-Sale

Elegantly designed to increase sales while knowing your customer, TOOVIA C3 has it all and more – a global view of inventory across stores, sales attribution, split payments and delivery to let you do familiar things more quickly and conveniently. As well as some things that weren't possible before. So using it is a whole new experience. One that is more personalized and tailored than ever before.

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Redefine how you engage and service your customers

TOOVIA C3 makes all the ways your sales associates are used to communicating with and building out customer profiles more convenient. And because it is seamlessly built in with the POS, it adds a new dimension to notes, alerts and reminders. For example, you can set a reminder to call a customer when his suit is ready for pickup. TOOVIA C3 also lets you save measurements, build style profiles, create and share outfits, lookbooks and more via email and social media; turning your sales associates into style advisors.

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Orchestrate connected digital experiences with content driven e-commerce

TOOVIA C3 features rich e-commerce and dynamic content capabilities along with an advanced turnkey content management system that's integrated with real-time product data. With built-in email marketing and social media management you can create relevant branded content, optimize for conversions and syndicate through all channels.

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Customize your experience with complete visibility across channels

TOOVIA C3 features a revolutionary real-time analytics interface. With Excel like functionality and Google like search you see the information you want, how, when and where you want it. Anyone — from CEO to Sales Associate — can discover, search, mashup, visualize and easily create custom dashboards. You can now get a complete picture, make data driven decisions and make life simple for everyone, all in one place.

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Your brand takes center stage within our community

TOOVIA C3 gives your exclusive access to, a global community of visionary fashion brands, boutiques, photographers, writers and stylists offering an inspirational shopping experience to lifestyle consumers. You can now manage your online distribution in the same way that you'd manage your stores – directly.

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Your brand is unique — your technology should be too.



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You are in good company

"By rolling out Toovia C3 in conjunction with the global expansion, we are able to fully evaluate and understand the impact of owning all our data on one platform. As we put the Toovia C3 platform in place across the business, we are positioned to take immediate advantage of serving our customers seamlessly between the physical and digital worlds"
- James Shay, President ISAIA
"I have to say, the online product upload feature cuts our upload time from hours to minutes. It is an incredibly helpful time saver. This process was extremely cumbersome in Brightpearl --> Magento so we are already starting to see the benefits. The online store can be almost as fast as the retail store now in terms of getting product out to customers."
- Jeffery Hillard, VP Ecommerce, The Armoury

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