POS | Commerce

Point-Of-Sale made simple. Access valuable customer and product information from anywhere in your store to ensure stellar service, drive sales, and transact on-the-go.


Access to your complete brand catalog across all channels, physical or digital.

Product Customization

A range of personalization unique to your customer from made-to-order, made-to-measure and bespoke.

Add & Edit Products

Single or bulk upload online, in-store or via mobile.

Global Product Availability Matrix™

View models, fabrics, colors, sizes, holds and consignments across multiple stores and warehouses in one view.

Full Catalog Access

For easy reference when selling from any location.

Product Variations

Offer multiple sizes, colors and materials. Every variation can have its own price, SKU and inventory.

Related Products & Recommendations

Upsell and cross sell based on customer personas.


Accept cash, credit cards, gift cards, and more.

Split Payments

Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction – cash, credit, store credit or multiple credit cards.

Store Credit

Offer store credit as an option to enhance customer loyalty.

Gift Cards

Present gift cards that can be redeemed in store or online. Gift cards can be emailed or printed for customers on the spot.


Stay on top of your sales.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Automatically calculate taxes based on your location and your customer's shipping address.

Generate Customer Profiles

Develop customer profiles with transactions and personas so you can easily notify customers of relevant new arrivals and events.


Offer discounts by percentage or dollar amount on a single product or full order.


Easily provide store credit for refunds, or return it back to the customer using the original payment method.

Order Notes

Track special requests and details by attaching notes to customer orders.


Make fact-based decisions for your business using sales, sell-through rates, customers, orders and traffic analytics.


Know what's selling, what needs repurchasing and where your merchandise is at all times, from any device.

Global Inventory Availability

View what's held, consigned and shipped across channels, online and offline.

Integrated Inventory

Whether you made a sale online, in-store, or from your phone, your inventory is automatically updated in real-time.

Track Inventory

Look-up stock counts, and instantly deactivate products when inventory runs out.

Inventory Reconciliation

Receive and tally product shipments from across multiple vendors seamlessly.

Delivery & Shipping

Omni-channel fulfillment at your fingertips.

Split Delivery Options

Receive and process orders for split delivery using carry out, store pickup or ship-from-store.

Shipment Tracking

Send customized email confirmations and tracking information to your customers.

Ship Using Your Go-To Carrier

UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, OnTrac, and more.

Shipping Labels

Easily create shipping labels straight from your device.

CRM | Customer Relationships

Customers demand high touch-point, high tactile service that is beyond best in class. By instantly connecting all your point-of-sale, ecommerce, inventory, customer and transaction data across multiple touch points, you can serve consumers like never before. With TOOVIA C3, you can quickly and easily connect to any source of information, on any device; anytime, anywhere.


Chronological feed that records every interaction the customer has had with your brand.


Itemized view of your customer's purchase history.

Style Profile

Identify your customer by lifestyle, interests and preferences to generate customer personas for segmentation and personalization.

Email Marketing

Communicate with your customers one-to-one with brand updates and store events they anticipate and love.


Create loyalty programs within CRM to retain more customers.

Notes and Reminders

Compile relevant data to build remarkable relationships that engage and convert more customers.

Customized Lookbooks

Turn your sales associates into style advisors by giving them the tools to create and share outfits, lookbooks, trends and more via email and social media.


Enhance customer experiences and increase revenue with end-to-end ecommerce solutions.

Seamlessly merge your physical and digital worlds in an engaging brand experience to create an online brand experience that is aligned and complementary to your physical brand. TOOVIA C3 delivers a turnkey solution for you to showcase your brand's aesthetic, story, market your products worldwide, and implement integrated strategies to grow your business online.



Maximize profitability with the optimal product, inventory and CRM combination to present your customers with what they desire, and ultimately want to purchase.


Equip your marketing team with intuitive brand settings and tools to customize every facet of your online flagship store, effortlessly.

Product & Content Publication

Streamline products across categories, catalogs and sites. Crop, resize or overlay images with dynamic image management tools so storing multiple versions becomes unnecessary. Give your designers complete control over product descriptions, content and details.

Product Search

Drive average order value and conversions with built-in search. Guided navigation and faceted search makes it easy for customers to find what they're looking for. Factor key metrics such as inventory turn, margin and average order size into search results and category pages.

Inventory Optimization

Real-time inventory visibility across multiple locations lets you operationalize your business and data like never before. Merge customer behavior analysis and inventory information to benefit both your consumer and your brand.


Order Management

Single enterprise wide view of real-time inventory including quantities, product on order and product in transit. Includes multiple capabilities such as "ship to store", order tracking, cancellations and returns, all while lowering customer service costs.

Cross-Channel Fulfillment

A single platform allows you to ship from warehouse, store, use vendor drop ship or pickup in store. Drive traffic to your store and increase cross sell and upsell opportunities by enabling customers to shop online and pick up in store.

Empower Your Customer

Self-service tools provide customers with a greater experience with your brand by enabling them to access their order information, track shipments and view their purchase history. Additionally, individual customer records allow you to target more efficiently and personalize the experience.


Online Marketing

Engage in one-on-one conversations with your customers across the entire customer lifecycle. TOOVIA C3 covers every customer touch point from customer acquisition, engagement, purchase, post purchase and retention. Build enduring, profitable relationships with customers in an efficient, scalable way to enjoy a richer return on investment.


Choose from our wide selection of stunning, fully-customizable templates to boost your online business. Get up-and-running in days, and add pages and features as you go.

Search Engine Optimization

Achieve the most optimum ranking possible on major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and more using clean article links, proper tagging, XML sitemaps, and valid XHTML code.

Social Media Marketing

An agency-approach to provide your business with heightened social media traffic and engagement with the expertise it needs to stand out in today's competitive social landscape.

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers by creating one to one email newsletters based on their behavior and preferences. A/B test subject lines and templates and receive in-depth reporting on how each of your campaigns are performing.


Produce high quality, holistic content designed to engage all segments of your target audience. Everything from high-level content marketing strategy, to editorial calendars and content creation is streamled to build awareness, brand involvement, conversions and ultimately loyalty.

Customer Segmentation

Using TOOVIA C3 Insights, businesses can easily segment customers from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. Everything from behavioral data to purchase history data is documented and easily syndicated to other marketing tools within a single platform.


Content Management

A fully hosted content creation and management platform.

Custom Templates

Publish and categorize articles and create lookbooks with customizable layouts to meet your brand's unique aesthetic.

Exclusive Creative Directory

Access to writers, photographers, videographers and bloggers for marketing campaigns and overall branding.

Content Quality Check

Submit and receive proofread articles from QC system.

Social Media Integration

Extend your marketing strategy across the social media platforms that are most important to your customers.


Developer Features

A secure, fully-managed platform built for speed and stability. There's innovation everywhere with absolutely no limits on developers' ability to use TOOVIA C3 as a platform for building rich and engaging consumer experiences.


Using our scalable RESTful APIs and a standards-based, server-side templating language, developers can build custom applications and pages with business logic across any channel, including mobile, all to enable and extend the best branded shopping experience for your customers.


Unlock the power of your data and let your marketers dip into a mixed data pool to vastly improve ad prospects, pinpoint insights, and take integrated cross-channel actions. Categorize and enrich unstructured social and enterprise data, and gain unprecedented intelligence on customers, competitors, and market trends.

Search Based Analytics

Excel meets Google for your data. TOOVIA C3 provides an integrated big data platform for all customers, sales, inventory, products, commissions, traffic, conversions and emails. Simply type your search and gain instant insights. Create custom reports and dashboards and effortlessly share them across your organization with zero IT intervention.


High-Performance Operations

A central platform in the cloud that allows administrators to grant access to relevant parties across the globe to ensure the best, most succinct collaboration. Maintain control without database administrators or excessive IT intervention.

Global Collaboration (across teams)

Effectively communicate your product and customer information with team members globally, including all your channels using a single platform. Stay informed of short term and long term information all in real-time, while significantly reducing overhead costs.

Reduce Costs & Training Time

Reduce overhead simply by accessing all your information from one source. Avoid the hassles of multiple platforms at multiple price points and billing cycles. Syndicate your team, costs and information from one secure platform.

Security & Control

Safely monitor all your data from one platform avoiding the complications of multiple third party databases. Access your entire platform with secure login credentials for various users – administrators, sales associates, managers and inventory personnel.

Reliable, Available & Scalable

Bring reliability into your sales by harnessing TOOVIA C3’s high up-times, powerful scalability and dedicated support. Get uptime you can rely on with custom configurations and dedicated environments designed for high concurrency. With data centers worldwide, available clustered and dedicated environments, and a fully managed CDN, hosting can easily scale as and when your business needs grow.

Data Insights

Ask questions and get answers. Get the specific facts when and where you need them through simplistic search-based analytics and reporting.

Big Data

An integrated big data platform for all customers, sales, returns, inventory, products, commissions, traffic, conversions, emails.


Custom build-your-own dashboards.


Google-like search across all your data (search based analytics).

Access Control

Manage user roles for secure access to your data.

Reliable, Available & Scalable

High availability, reliability, scalability and elasticity across all your data globally.

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